Taking Care of Your Luxury Leather Bags in Summer

Taking Care of Your Luxury Leather Bags in Summer

Golden tans, cocktails by the beach, sweeping dresses and cosy sandals. It can only mean one thing – summer is finally here!


Time to dust off your gorgeous luxury leather handbag that’s been crying out to come along with you to a boozy afternoon brunch with the girls. But have you prepared your bag for stepping out into the sun?


It may come as a surprise, but sun damage is just as bad for our bags as it is for our skin. So, what can you do to protect it against those harmful UV rays and premature aging?


Here are out top tips for ultimate summer luxury bag care:


1 – Use a Specialist Leather UV Filter


You wouldn’t dream of spending a day in the sun without proper skin protection. The sentiment should be the same for your bag. Specialised UV protectors, such as our Nourishing UV Filter Leather Conditioner are expertly designed to care for and protect your bag against those nasty UV rays, keeping it soft, supple and vibrant for longer.


2 – Clean it Regularly


Before you apply any protectant, it’s essential to make sure you’re keeping your bag as clean as possible. Dust away any dirt, sand, or other nasties you may have picked up along the way, and wipe away any spills or grime, minimising any scratches or stains. Our Fabric & Leather Cleansing Wipes are the perfect bag friendly way to clean on the go.


3 – Store it Out of the Sun


Even at home, there’s ways to help prevent UV damage. Still have your dust bag? Perfect! If not, it’s worth investing in a good quality dust bag to keep your bag scuff free. Make sure you store your bag out of direct sunlight to avoid any fading, dryness or cracking!

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